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Update: Poll added. I guess if there are enough votes, I might reconsider my decision and bring Nitchi back up after all. I don't know...lets see if this works or not. Please vote..I just want to find out what your views are. And thank you for all your emails - I really didn't know so many people used my sites. I hope you are satisfied with my responses and I am sorry for shutting Nitchi down. I am getting caught up sorting things out and I hope to bring Nitchi back in the future so keep checking!

        I am the admin of the Nitchi network. Nitchi had to be shut down because of copyright restrictions. I got a warning from various parties concerning my sites and I really can't take chances fighting for P2P. I am not a rebel; I am just a student trying to help other people with my sites. I apologize to those people who used Nitchi and I promise I would get Nitchi back up someday.

        I started Nitchi because I had a dream...of everything being on one page; so me and everyone else can go to that site and get content from there. I have to say, after 2 years of work, I had finally accomplished that dream. But unfortunately, it had to be short-lived.

        For those who want to know a little bit about me, I am a student 17 years old studying in 12th grade at an international school. And yes, I managed Nitchi alone, so it was getting very hard managing more than 12 sites all on my own. I am preparing for engineering in college next year and I am pretty much busy most of the time, which is the reason you saw old and broken links on Nitchi.

        Nitchi was a really ambitious project for me at 14 and when I got my first site up, it was about 4 or 5 pages with just hyperlinks on the index page. I modified it and then broke it up into smaller sites after a year or so. Anyway, it was fun while it lasted and I learned a lot from my experience with Nitchi.

        Don't worry, I haven't deleted my sites. They are still with me. If some of you still want to view Nitchi or any site in the network, email me the page you want to view and I'll give you the link to access it.

        Someday in the future, I'll get Nitchi back up - improved and way better than the current one. This time period would allow me to work on Nitchi and make it better. I also apologize for not replying back to emails - I try hard to check my mailbox and reply back but sometimes I don't have the time.

        To make up for this, here's a contact email - nitchi50webs@gmail.com. Anyone who wants content, computer help or basically anything, just drop an email and I'll reply back as soon as I can. It is the least I can do. If you have any comments or just want to say thanks or anything in general, email me at the same address. I hope to be back in the future with more!

Admin (17/m) (Skills - Digital Photography, 3D Designing, Music Remixing, Computer security, Web Applications, Computer Programming, HTML, Beginners C++, PHP, Ruby) (Educational Interests- Engineering, Science Honors) (Software - Maya, 3ds Max, Reason, Photoshop, Sony Acid, Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Rhinocerous 3D)